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Kolektiv Gallery calls for participation in 3M3 series of exhibitions.


Prevailing intention of the exhibition is to host concepts and transfer ideas of young architects in Serbia as well as to support research-based projects, and projects of experimental nature.




The exhibition area is a window niche inside Kolektiv Gallery, located in 53 Karadjordjeva Street, Belgrade, measuring 2.5 x 2.1 x 0.6m, made public to the adjacent street and passers by.





This program aims to create conditions for young local professionals to express ideas on architecture through visual agents. The subject is thematically constrained only by the dimensions of the niche, otherwise the author is free to pursue their own line of inquiry through the project. However, the window is situated in a fairly busy urban context, and the exhibited material appears as the content of a display window, making it an instant visual trigger and thus affecting the artist’s selection of an appropriate medium.


With the majority of authors being young architects and students, the intention is to make space for a first step in process, after generating ideas that remain only on paper, and to deal with a 1:1 scale of production.





The exhibition is conceived as a recurring setting. Each author’s content is to be exhibited during a period of 2 weeks.




Applications are accepted all year round, at any time. All architects and architecture students are welcome to participate. Applications should be sent to:  3m3@kolektiv.rs