Workshop | Ilka's dream of chairs

(with the winners of the open call for the design of a spatial installation)

December 8th - Decebmer 13th 2016



Within the Second Balkan architectural bienniale and the exhibition Basic Balkan Architecture, the Gallery Collective invited everyone interested to join an open workshop creating spatial installations of the winning work of the international competition Basic Balkan Architecture: "Ilka's Dream of Chairs" by Christian Daschek (Austria) and Luis Pozo (Bolivia).

Ilka's dream of chairs is an installation consisting of a number of modular stools which together form a spatial installation. Ilka's chairs are a collage of the remains of wooden elements, each of which carries a different story about how and why has sometimes been used. Only when together, they form a stable chair with a new use. Chairs can be assembled on site by the visitors of the exhibition, in this way building a structure that is the combined effort and making the very process of work and creativity the focus of the exhibition. With the production of chairs as building elements of a larger spatial structure, the functionality of this installation can be extended beyond the period of the exhibition.

In Ilka's vision of a city, residents are not just consumers but also actors who build, learn and teach, discuss and cooperate to jointly solve problems. Participation in the workshop was free, and, after the exhibition was closed, each participant was able to take the chair they built.



        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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