Curator of the new 3M3 season And yet it moves* - On liminal drawing issues Anđelka Bnin-Bninski


TIMELINES - drawing machine















Senka Radović & Kosta Dimitrijević - TIMELINES - drawing machine

The initial aim of the research is not to question the quality and interpretation of the drawing, but the impulses that generate it. Having the above in mind the value of drawing as an artefact is left aside, while the focus is shifted on processes of its genesis. The product as a result of mutual actions of diverse constants is ambiguous.

Two types of drawing have been identified by distinguishing different influences in the field of given context. Accidental drawing generated by movements caused by natural forces, such as wind, rain and sun and collective drawing, a product of layering numerous individual drawings. Drawing machine traces notation of factors that cause the movements by transcribing and uniting flotations in its micro climate


And yet it moves! 


Senka Radović born in 1995 in Požarevac, finished Bachelor studies in Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, in 2018. The same year she has enrolled to Master studies of Interior Design on the same faculty. Aside from architecture, Senka has been working on drawings, paintings and graphic design. Her works have been exhibited at both group and individual exhibitions.

Kosta Dimitrijević born in 1996 in Manila, finished Integrated studies of Architecture on the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, in 2019. He has participated in multiple international workshops and summer schools. He obtained practical knowledge in the field of architecture working in offices in Serbia and China. He was a part of several group exhibitions.



        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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