Dejan Todorović

Exhibition: v0: oscillator

February 5th - February 15th 2019 

3M3 | exhibiting season 2018/2019

Tracing the milieu - what were you thinking?

Curator: Marija Bjelić

Dejan Todorović's exhibition v0: oscillator is the first in the series of 3M3 exhibitions in the Kolektiv Gallery, framed with the theme "Tracing the Milieu - What were you thinking?" established by Marija Bjelić, curator of  2018/2019 season.

Nothing is mathematically denoted by zero, which is graphically represented by a void within a rounded space. Zero is the whole number that follows number -1 and precedes number 1.

This installation is a tool for testing the integrity and stability of the state of the displayed window in an environment that occasionally and temporarily destabilizes it. The zero-projected state of the metaphor is the realization of the initial creative idea, while each of the destabilization is a consequence of the unpredictability of the context.

The goal is to initiate thoughts about change and constants; rest and movement; axes and oscillations; in architecture, or in some other area of interest of the observer/passer-by.

Every movement, flash, sun, cloud, reflection, or car's lights give the image a new character.

Can it maintain its zero state?

/excerpt from the author's statement/


Dejan Todorović (1990) architect, completed his undergraduate and master studies in architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in 2014, and since 2015, he is a student of artistic PhD studies at the Scenic Design at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. During the academic season of  2017/18, he started a job as an assistant for a scientific field Architectural design at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade.

The focus of his artistic and scientific research is positioning in the border areas of architecture, stage, and visual arts and on their interweaving, both among themselves, and with other related discourses.

Photo credits: Nemanja Knežević


        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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