3M3 I Exhibiting season of 2018/2019


Tracing the milieu: What were you thinking?

Your arrival in Lime Street, when you step off the train, begin to get into the things you came here to do, is a meeting-up of tra- jectories as you entangle yourself in stories that began before you arrived. This is not the arrival of an active voyager upon an awaiting passive destination but an intertwining of ongoing tra- jectories from which something new may emerge. Movement, encounter and the making of relationships take time. 


- Olafur Eliasson, Your Gravitational Now 

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The upcoming 3m3 exhibition season questions the temporal aspects of architecture, with its possibly timeless, yet clearly disposable results and products. 


The pressure of our ever-accelerating surroundings transforms everything we would normally observe as relevant, as a context, as a concept, as the way things work.

The present moment seems close at hand, yet it is difficult to seize. It is the time for us to rethink the space of our creation, living and thinking. What is it we call our identity? 

We ask these questions by introducing Deleuze’s understanding of the term milieu as environment, context, territory.

The environment of ideas and of bodies shape the their invention or development, just as environments of ideas, materials and politics, shape buildings and the environments within and around them, that shape us in return. This process has a cyclic pattern - it is repetitive, it evolves and survives. It is this process that we think, live and create within. 


Ideas need a milieu, made up of other ideas and practices, and a given milieu will allow some ideas to flourish while others do not stand a chance. How do we spot / choose / understand / follow / escape / step into the milieu? Thoughts, observations, opinions, choices in architectural practice can be planned or accidental - we adjust to them, or we fight them.


What are the questions that we direct to the space, the city, our colleagues, co-citizens, and which of these are we aiming at ourselves? What were we thinking? Of what were we thinking? Where were we, while thinking? And how did that specific thought cross our mind?

- Marija Bjelić, curator

        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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