3M3 | exhibiting season 2018/2019

Tracing the milieu - what were you thinking?

Curator: Marija Bjelić

Marija Iva Gocić i Boban Živanović

Exhibition: I am a Tyrant 

March 12th - March 22nd 2019


This is my space.

I gave myself the right to own it.

I own it.

I am a part of the collective thought.

I am a representative of the collective thought.

I am an artist.

I am a tyrant.

This is a movement. 

"I am a tyrant" is the materialized voice of an object in its surroundings. The object is treated as a part of a wider context of an immobile community that fights for its place. It corresponds to the functional needs of the present moment, simultaneously looking for its status in time. The city remembers the past and records it in layers. Karađorđeva Street has the immortal role of building, preserving and deepening the local identity. In line with the burden it carries and immaterial values, today it serves as a critical mediator - a link between the place and the heterotopy.

'I'm a tyrant' by Marija Iva Gocić and Boban Živanović is the second in a series of 3M3 exhibitions in the window of the Collective Gallery, framed by the theme "Tracing the Milieu - What Were You Thinking?" established by Marija Bjelić, curator of 2018/2019 season.

Marija Iva and Boban are the youngest participants in the 3M3 program so far.


Marija Iva Gocić (1998)

A student of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. She is interested in poetry, painting, photography and film. Her works were exhibited at group exhibitions From Theory to Practice and New Photo 9 (SKC 2018). She participated in various performative exhibitions, Wild Art 6 (Budapest 2018) and Cinema Zvezda (Belgrade 2018), to name a few. In addition, she is engaged in modelling and she likes to play music, sing, and dance.

Boban Živanović (1998)

Student of the second year of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. He is interested in Sociology, Design and Film. He participated in the EASA Architectural Program in Rijeka 2018 and has published work in the online version of the regional student magazine Tristotrojka. He began to care for Architecture and Design at the Petnica Research Station, where he spent two years as a participant in design seminars, while he became interested in society and politics as an active member of the debating club and a visitor of local debate tournaments.

Photo credits | Marija Bjelić


        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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