3M3 | exhibiting season 2018/2019

Tracing the milieu - what were you thinking?

Curator: Marija Bjelić


Exhibition: .33: something three-dimensional

April 17th - April 27th 2019 



The Modern in Belgrade (MuBGD) project brings together a group of architects (Iva Bekić, Irena Gajić, Dalia Dukanac, Stefan Đorđević, Snežana Zlatković, Mirjana Ješić, Hristina Stojanović, Petar Cigić) with a particular interest and involvement in the field of illustration, graphic design and fine arts. Together, they launched the MuBGD platform to promote and critically analyze Belgrade's architectural heritage through innovative graphic representations.

Using the design methodical tools, the authors of the Modern in Belgrade innovatively present selected architectural works and spatial units created during the Cold War period on the territory of Belgrade. Exhibition .33: something three-dimensional presents selection of individual architectural entities previously explored through visual representations and later reinterpreted in three dimensions, representing the authors' response to the specifically themed 3M3 exhibit season. The aim of the project is to contribute to the understanding of canonical architectural projects and objects and their roles in the wider socio-political, economic and cultural context, as a critical instrument for the contemplation and production of contemporary space.

The exhibition is imagined as a set of spatial simulations – personal works of team members and is a pre-release of the 2019 project presentation. Each simulation represents the individual response of the author to the specific spatial and aesthetic characteristics of the selected piece and is a fragment of the overall project. Although the visual identities of the individual contributions differ depending on the approach of the author as well as the subject of the research, they are unified by the medium of representation, which is the model. The authors use a variety of materials, techniques, spatial relations and visual expressions to visually narrate Belgrade's architectural heritage and bring lesser-known information and curiosities to a wider audience. The artistic freedom of the author, on the other hand, often involves a speculative and fictitious way of reinterpreting the socio-cultural aspects of the selected architectural objects and spatial units. The emphasis of the exhibition is also on the contemporary interpretation and digitization of the artistic representation within the architectural discourse.

Photo credits | Modern in Belgrade


        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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