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Hrvoje Spudić & Sven Sorić

A gilded square meter of a gable wall, precisely lit by an artificial light source. The change of light and darkness. The liminal condition — a drawing is withheld from its supposed surface.

The superposition of gold and light is the superposition of the symbolic and the physical. From

the surface we substract drawing as a material medium and we inscribe an immaterial medium

— light. In a way, we are correcting a mistake in logic — on a dematerialised sufrace, one should not intervene materialistically. We use light to test the surface, its apparent three-dimensionality, flatness, the emanation of light from the surface.

A 16 mm projector and its mechanical and optical characteristics would be used to test a flickr (light — the absence of light). Without the presence of gilding on the wall, we do not know and cannot anticipate how the projections will appear. The process is inseparable from the work itself.

This Town Needs Posters is a platform for experiments in analog print and similar techniques which was started

by Hrvoje Spudić and Sven Sorić in 2012. For the work they have been awarded in Zagreb and Belgrade. They collaborate with instances from the independent cultural scene, and have exhibited and lectured in most of

ex Yugoslavia.


Hrvoje Spudić (Zagreb, 1987.) graduated from Zagreb Faculty of Architecture in 2015. He is an explorer of techniques and technologies of print, photography, film and sound. He conducts his research with Sven Sorić

in This Town Need Posters duo, Radiona makerspace, Klubvizija filmlab and in tandem with Sara Salamon.

Since 2017. he is an assistant at Zagreb Faculty of Architectures department for drawing and visual design.


Sven Sorić (Sisak, 1989.) is a freelance graphic designer, a member of the Croatian Designers Association and

the Croatian Freelance Artists Association. In 2015 he earned a master’s degree from the Faculty of Architecture

in Zagreb, since then he has worked in graphic design exclusively.  He co-founded This Town Needs Posters with Hrvoje Spudić. In his independent practice he is focused on editorial design and visual identities for cultural institutions.




        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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