3M3 | exhibiting season 2018/2019

Tracing the milieu - what were you thinking?


Curator​: Marija Bjelić

Yunicorns & Jelena Mitrović

Exhibition: Yugoslavian Garden

June 18th - June 30th 2019


Each object since its creation in space represents an artefact which wants do determine the place of an idea as everliving; but in the time that is knitting, densely and unpredictably, the threads of new meaning, it is only what happened that exists, not what was meant.

The object should possess-reflects its essential idea of existence via dynamism where, as the opposite to the plastic, solid matter and density of a substance, the void of an empty space opens, the one that is left out, but still present. In this dialectic of the conflict, we may perhaps seek out and find the meanings that survived below the surface of the obvious symbols.

The content of the spatial installation stems from the idea of a transmission that connects spaces - about architectural and general artistic transmission, which is not only a symbol but also a creation. The installation represents the gesture of multidimensionalization of space in the shop window, in order to join together a static and moving world, interior and exterior, a reflection and an object, an object and a system, condensed reality and differential time.

The physical model represents a deformation of a sculpture that creates the correct reflection of the monument in a cylindrical mirror. The monument is in its identical form only in the reflection - in the imaginary space behind the surface, which allows the figure to appear where it doesn’t exist - in the ideal projection, but as a space that is essentially unreal. Deformed sculpture in the real space is not a monument in its character, it is a non-identical part, a relational model that shows the absence of the object from the place where it is, because it is there, in the mirror.

Thus, in the center of the installation which is determined by the mirror, constitutes a condensed space of inner unity, unrealistic to the extent that utopias are and representing the form brought to the perfection in an environment that dissolves and disappears.

On the other hand, there is a real space of installation whose composition, the so-called scattering of shapes, based on anamorphosis and technique called magia parastatica, simulates the movement of the shape through the opaque weave of time.

It is possible to imagine a spatial whole, but based on a completely different principle of construction, which would be a paradigm of the garden.

Gardens are the places where contradictory positions are possible, and which still offer the possibility of encountering miracles. These are spatial knitting where symbolic perfections overlap with the very existence of things.

Jelena Mitrović



Yunicorns is a self-sustainable artistic project of an architectural nature. It was conceived in 2017 by three architects Nevena Kocić, Zorana Lužanin and Nebojša Stevanović. The aim of the project is to research and promote the issue of treatment of the modernist architectural heritage of the SFR Yugoslavia. The exhibition Yugoslav Garden was developed in cooperation with architect Jelena Mitrović.

Jelena Mitrović has been involved in architecture since 2007, with a focus on a critical approach to architectural design, as well as research into ethical and political issues of contemporary discipline based on the problem of disciplinary subjectivity. Her research is largely based on finding techniques to overcome visual identity in contemporary representation. These include a return to its geometric foundations, from which, on the one hand, arises a series of generally accepted techniques based on a linear perspective system, and on the other, a neglected area of ​​curvature research and image alteration, beginning with catoptric machines in the sixteenth century and evolving beyond the illusion of space and anamorphosis to present-day techniques of mapping that examine the possibilities for optical deformation of the surface and the projection as spatial animator.



        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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