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Jelena Janković & Filip Marinković - Thick time

By recording impressions through a series of dialog-drawings, we explore the modalities of architecture. We keep a graphic journal by paying frequent visits to the exhibition space throughout the exhibition season, almost ritually. The repeated journal entries, forebode an endless Godot-like drawing; it intertwines, superimposes, erases, traces, underlines, outlines...

At some point, an evaluation of the situation creates an exhibition.

It is imperative not to approach the wall in Drinčićeva Street as a blank exhibiting surface, a drawing plane - ignore its appearance and the layers time has brought to it. The juxtaposition of the wall’s potential for an exhibiting function and its current appearance put the context in a liminal state.

This wall is a canvas of reality. It summarizes all past and future images: notes and vestiges of thick time. According to Jeremy Till, it’s the present that critically gathers the past and also projects the future.

We will not fight the wall but rather, think about it and with it. We won't act in haste and overlook it. It is essential to stop and see it. The wall must exclusively remain a wall, renouncing the new, foreign layers that cover it. It should only carry its own image.

The research aims to elicit the mechanism of auto reflection by confronting the wall and the observer with itself. In this way, the wall transcends its existence as a mere exhibition space, a backdrop, to assume the role of the foreground.

To give time to the wall means to restore it for yourself, and vice versa. Duration is necessary. We draw, we draw for a long time, we draw time.

Filip Marinković was born in 1992 in Kraljevo, Serbia. He obtained a Master’s degree in Studies in Interior Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. In his work, he deals with the concepts of time, senses, perception, the ordinary, mundane and overlooked. He is interested in exploring the nuanced thresholds and areas where spaces, things, and ideas emerge and go out of existence. Works as a graphic designer, book designer, and freelance interior designer.

Jelena Janković was born in 1992. in Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, and obtained a Master’s degree in Architecture design. During her studies, she started teaching at the Department of architecture, as a teaching fellow for Undergraduate and Master academic studies. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. on the topic of Sensation in/with space. Her research focuses on the moment of contact between the object and the person, and the reaction - sensation that occurs at that time. The exchange taking place refers to the mutual permeation of what space awakens and offers at the same time, memory, reality, perception, the intertwining of the physical and the mental, a totality. She considers the meeting of humans and space to always be a new experience - an experiment. Besides architecture, her interests are philosophy, psychology, and art. She is engaged in theoretical work and freelance design.


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        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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