3M3 I Marko Salapura: XYZ

November 6th, 2015



Marko Salapura's exhibition XYZ is the first of upcoming events related to the 3M3 programme, aimed at research regarding terms and relations, symbiosis and juxtaposition of architecture and other related disciplines. In his work, Salapura brings the very context of the opening night to question, approaching the exhibition as if it were a project assignment. Regarding the premises of programme and space, the author of the exhibition promises to exhibit - programme and space.



Inside a fifty centimeter deep field, there is a space for realization, for presenting prototypes and ideas. The ones who accept the proposal for delivering ideas sign an imaginary form in which they state that once they seize the moment, they will stick to the small promises they made. For me, this is the greatest value to the field - the ability to evoke commitment in those who work within its measures (shortly), to work well afterwards (eternally). At the opening, the space itself is being exhibited, and marked with a blue millimeter paper, which resembles an everlifting curtain. The opening goes on and on. A few minutes, a day, a week? Too much? Too little? – Marko Salapura


        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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