Kolektiv arhitekata, Karadjordjeva 53, Beograd, Srbija

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​​The Kolektiv Gallery is an exhibiting and workspace in Karadjordjeva street 53, which is mainly dedicated to the development of modern architecture. The identity of the gallery is shaped by programs that are thematically in touch with architecture, as well as cooperations with international organisations that have similar goals.

The program structure combines art and research projects with the goal of better understanding, and promoting new architecture practices.

The library of the Kolektiv Gallery is offering its collection to all architects, students and other interested guests. Our collection contains books regarding architecture and other affiliated disciplines.

Associates in the season 2015/ 2016:

Curator and program coordinator: Natalija Paunić

Program coordinator: Marta Cvetković

Executive producer: Vesna Banković

Open call coordinator - Basic Balkan Architecture: Olivera Petrović

Designer: Bogdan Brdar