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Digital Architecture Archive - DAA is an open and free archive available for use through the internet on the address www.daa.rs. The purpose of DAA is research, education and other forms of non-proft and non-commercial use of information.

DAA is a digital​ database regarding architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and interior design. The digital archive was founded for the purpose of emancipating, affirming and promoting architecture practices, and everything surrounding architecture.

The subject of digitization and processing of materials for archival purposes constitutes of material and/or immaterial creations regarding architecture. Build that is subject to processing and archiving in the DAA is categorized by categories: architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, interior design, reflection and presentation, and the basic sections: realised works, projects, competition projects, master plans, studies, exhibitions, publications, innovation, architectural drawings, lectures, interviews etc. The digital architecture archive does not representat, highlight, valorise or promote th creation of a special part of artists (individuals and/or groups).

Activities relating to the DAA are collecting, systemasing and digitalising of materials, processing of digitised and digital material, as well as developing additional digital content. Archiving is done in accordance with the standards of the International Council on Archives, or according to the recommendations of the National Centre for Digitalisation and the National Committee for digitalisation of UNESCO related to the description of objects and collections (meta-data), which are the subject of input and processing. DAA's specific activity is to promote the creation of architecture that was created or has appeared in Serbia, regardless of origin, personal attribute, or geographic location of the creator (author).

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