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ASXHMO: a shapeless collection

















Zves Konstantinos - ASXHMO: a shapeless collection

The work is centered on notions of shapelessness, inconsistency, ugliness and repetition; it traces a jagged line that connects properties of drawing with the act of building and the anomalies of the cities’ surfaces. The title of the work is borrowed from the greek word used for ‘ugly’. Rooted inside it - the prefix ‘a’ indicating absence and negation of the word schema (σχήμα) meaning shape. Under the rubric of shapelessness things don’t have a name, either by maintaining a vast distance from primitive shapes and their derivatives or by being such an integral part of a complex whole that any delineation or recognition is impossible. They usually lie in-between as odd encounters, bastard, void, random or debris.


All these properties seem to challenge architecture yet they are constituent elements of drawing and the built environment. By establishing a temporary alliance with the undesigned, ΑΣΧΗΜΟ utilises drawing as a tool for frenetic inscription that betrays its communicational values. This alliance provides the affordance, to systematically handle shapelessness and to encounter it as the material and aesthetic condition of the city, while using the creative capabilities of abstraction offered by drawing and drive them towards the building domain. ΑΣΧΗΜΟ becomes entangled between building material and decor, informed by modes of filling surfaces and the art of wall finishes; its products seeking to activate margins of architecture and aesthetics.








Zves Konstantinos  (1990, Thessaloniki) is a licensed architect, living and working in Athens, Greece. He is practicing architecture through the design of buildings, speculative projects, objects and images. He obtained a MArch from the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly and he continued his research through the Critical Philosophy program by the New Centre for Research and Practice. He has been involved in housing, commercial, urban design, exhibition design projects. Some of his work has been part of group exhibitions in Europe and online and some of it published in zines, catalogues and journals.



        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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