performarch: performance COMFORT

July 23- 24th, 2016



Young Serbian artist Sara Kostic will perform in Belgrade’s Kolektiv Gallery the 24-hour performance "COMFORT" in which she builds a sleeping place out of sugar.The audience will be able to watch part of the live performance at the gallery on Saturday 23. July from 12-18h, and the whole performance through the window of the gallery and via livestream on the website of Gallery 12 HUB.


In this performance artist reflects on today's consumer society, which does not allow, and cannot find comfort beyond physical forms. Sugar is, as important ingredient in society today, the subject of endless controversy and strong symbol of the social order. It’s influence on the changes of human body and mind in recent decades is huge. Sugar transforms the body, thus it transforms the architecture.


Performance "COMFORT" and Performance Hub  were mentioned in the New York's magazine Frieze.


Sara Kostic is MA engineer of architecture at the University of Belgrade and performance artist. She will perform at the prestigious Venice International Performance Art Week in December 2016. With performance “COMFORT” she will graduate at Performance HUB, one-year art program initiated by artist Marta Jovanović in cooperation with Gallery 12 HUB in Belgrade.Performance HUB is a platform that allows students and young artists innovative approaches to education through meetings with internationally recognized performance artists, professors and lecturers.Kolektiv Gallery is an exhibition space in Karadjordjeva street 53, dedicated to contemporary architecture.With performance "COMFORT" Kolektiv Gallery announces cooperation with Gallery 12 HUB and Performance HUB for the season 2016/2017 in which they will implement a series of works dedicated to the new field of practice and research linking performance art and architecture.


        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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