Exhibition I Mathias Klotz: The poetics of boxes

October 9th- 30th, 2016



Collective Gallery in collaboration with the magazine Oris presents an exhibition of the Chilean architect Mathias Klotz. Mathias Klotz is one of the most influential representatives of the Chilean architecture. Rooted to the geographical particularities of gender Chile, an area which because of its isolation and poor architectural heritage enable the younger generation of architects to develop its own language based on technical architectural premises within the economic revival after the overthrow of Chile's Pinochet regime, but first resulting from intensive research needs, its projects are an example of harmonious human communication, culture and nature. He built in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, China and Lebanon, and won numerous awards.


 Alongside his work as an architect for over thirty years, Mathias Klotz is also active as filmmaker and photographer. So in a certain way his buildings can be understood as constructed screenplays. They tell the stories of the inhabitants and the surroundings. Klotz's stylistic devices are framed views, light and shadow, as well as a reduced palette of materials consisting mostly of timber and exposed concrete. Views into and out of the buildings provide a strong connection with the setting. The relationship between inside and outside is a very central theme in Klotz’s oeuvre.

        Kolektiv arhitekata, Drinčićeva 20, Beograd, Srbija

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